Teaching Philosophy

I am committed to teaching theatre within a liberal arts environment. The nature of liberal studies encourages development of what I consider the most fundamental attribute for a fulfilling future in theatre: curiosity. Students of theatre require a base of understanding that is rich and varied, and students who are not finally interested in pursuing a career in theatre benefit from the enhancement of interpersonal skills and personal expressiveness that theatre courses offer.

I am dedicated to fostering individual student growth. In my classes and as a director, I create a framework that challenges without threatening, and teaches the student as much about the material as it does about their own individual ability to explore and expand. In my courses, I consider it my highest goal to prepare the way for students to discover their unique abilities. I am an advocate of experiential learning, and therefore create exercises and experiences that operate as revelatory vehicles; allowing the student to truly own their experience, while their intellectual curiosity is awakened. It is my hope that my students, regardless of their ultimate career path, retain that curiosity for a life rich with learning and enchanting, meaningful experiences.

As for myself, I quest for the finest way to teach any element of my craft, seeking experiences and remaining pliable and open to new avenues of thought. I am an enthusiastic and demanding instructor who thrives in an atmosphere of collaboration and honest inquiry.